West Kingdom Competitions Calendar

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Guidelines for participating in A&S Competitions:

~ Documentation is an important aspect of these activities.
~ Provide a minimum of three copies of documentation per entry.
~ Entries will be anonymous, so do not put your name on the documentation or on the entry.
~ For group performances, only one person per piece will be considered during judging.
~ Best scores will be recognized for both Individual's entries and Team entries.


Competitions for 2002

West Kingdom Competitions Schedule
Principality of the Mists Principality of Cynagua Principality of Oertha Principality of Lochac



West Kingdom Competition Calendar:

Event: Arts
March Crown Performing
Poem or Song, Topic: Lochac's elevation to Kingdom Practical Science Spinning
Beltane Fine Art Items fashioned from Horn or Bone Practical Science Weaving
June Crown Fine Art Purses, Pouches, and Bags Technical Science Camp Furniture
A&S Tournament
(Carnival Theme)
Fine Art Masks Technical Science Research Paper: Carnival Games
Fine Art Puppets Technical Science Gaming Equipment for Carnival Games
Theatre: Commedia dell'Arte (7 minute max.) Practical Science Festival Foods: sweets and treats
Carnival Tricks: Magic, Juggling, or Acrobatics Practical Science Preserved Foods
Purgatorio Performing
Storytelling: Character story in the style of the Canterbury Tales (5 min max.) Technical Science Armor: Shield or Pavisse
October Crown Performing
Middle Eastern Dance - Group Choreography Technical Science Black Smithing/Bladesmithing
Twelfth Night 2003 Fine Art Illumination: Gold Leaf Practical Science Hypocras


Other Competitions Held at Kingdom Events
(These are run by groups or guilds and do not count towards the Annual A&S Championship.)

Event: Brewing Pied d'Argent Wooden Spoon
March Crown TBA Galliards  A German Dish 
Beltane TBA  Cuckolds All in a Row  An Italian Dish 
June Crown TBA  Cassule  A Catalan Dish
A&S Tournament TBA  Bariaria   
Purgatorio TBA  Bransel of War  An Islamic Dish
October Crown TBA  Grimstock  An English Dish
Twelfth Night 2003      


Principality of the Mists

Event: Arts Sciences Brewing Silver Spoon
Spring Coronet Clothing and Accessories Weaving, Spinning or Dyeing Open period brewing "Soups On"
Spring Investiture Decorative Leatherwork Preparation of Leather TBA "To Honor She Who Wears the Coronet"
Fall Coronet Tabletop decoration, including feastgear Cordials TBA "Something Russian This Way Comes"
Fall Investiture Calligraphy (Non-SCA Scroll) Inks and Paints TBA "In Honor of Omar the Tent Maker"


Principality of Cynagua

Event: Arts Sciences    Display Copper Spoon
Winter Investiture Embroidery Herbal Remedies Brewing/Vinting  
Spring Coronet Footwear Pottery, any period Principality Faire Any Middle Eastern Dish 
Summer Investiture Lace making (tat, needle, bobbin, etc) Textiles Anything English Any Italian Dish
Fall Coronet Byzantine Clothing Mosaics Anything Byzantine  Any English Dish
Winter Investiture 2003 Skaldic Verse Games  Anything Norse Any French Dish


Principality of Oertha


Principality of Lochac

The Principality of Lochac is about to become the Kingdom of Lochac. For details about the competitions for the first Kingdom of Lochac Arts and Sciences Championship, please visit the Lochac A&S Competitions Page.