Arts and Sciences Activities
at October Crown
October 15-18, 2004

Arts and Sciences Competitions:

Drop off and Sign Up by 1 pm - pick up entry 5 pm

Performing Arts Competition - On Site Poetry - draw 3 words from the pile and write a poem on the Role of the Consort (3 min max.) - to be held Saturday Evening but sign up by 1 pm.

Practical Science Competition - Weaving a period pattern with documentation

Other Arts and Sciences Competitions being held:

Wooden Spoon - From the Sky (A&S pavilion - drop off 11 am)

Brewing Competition - Non-Alcoholic Drink (Brewers Guild pavilion - drop off 1 pm)

Pied d' Argent - Washerwoman's Bransle (on the Eric near A&S - Sunday 10 am - tentatively)
the dance is taught before the competition so all can come and participate

Hosts - Clothiers and Textiles Guilds - Display Saturday in A&S PLUS:

3-6 pm Saturday & 10-12 on Sunday in A&S Fabric, Yarn and General Textiles Swap
If you would like to participate, please have your name, fabric content (if you know) and yardage on each piece. Books and tools welcome too. Swap will be from 3pm to 6pm on Saturdayand 10-12 on Sunday. You will need to be there during the time your things are up for sale. Having your own change will be helpful.

Also the Guilds will have many books for research so if you have some garb questions, or you are new, or you want to create something you never have, or you are stumped in the middle of a project- Please come and join us.

Clothiers Guild Classes: Textile Guild Meeting & Class:
Late period ruffs by Aurelia D'Ouessant  Class size & materials TBD 1 pm Saturday - Meeting - come learn about the Guild.
Time for both classes: TBA - Place: Guild Sunshade Place: TBA
Draping Techniques for the BEGINNER: by Vittoria Dolfin. Class will be taught the basics of draping, so each person will have garments made for their body instead of relying on commercial patterns for costume creation. Participants will walk away with a bodice which they could then use for Italian or German Renaissance, Flemish over- and underdress, or a cotehardie (depending on what they participant is interested in). Class size no limit. A limited amount of supplies will be available for purchase - cost TBD. OR BRING
* 1-1/2 yards (or enough yardage to completely cover your front and back) of non-stretch heavy weight fabric (i.e. cotton duck)
* heavy-duty straight pins
* scissors
* fabric chalk
* patience, lots of patience (it takes at least an hour to get a good drape and pattern)
Medb ni Diarmuid will teach Sunday morning (time TBA - probably 10 am), about Viking apron dresses. People can make their own mockups if they bring 3 yards of fabric, scissors, a notebook, pen, and a measuring tape. Halima de la Lucha will have examples of handwoven broken lozenge twill from Jorvik and a book on Viking card weaving at the class.

Other Guilds & Activities on the Guild Corridor:

Company of the Silver Spindle in the Guild's sunshade Meeting: 3 pm Saturday
Class TDB
Needleworkers Guild in the Guild's sunshade Saturday:
Invocation - 2 pm Mentors Corner & Open Sewing Circle
2:30 pm Meeting (open to all)
3 pm Class with Sabrina de la Bere - 3 raised stitches for doing Elizabethan embroidery - Detached Buttonhole, Trelliss and Hollie Point. Bring scissors and magnification if you need it. Kit and Handout $5. Limit 10.

Introduction to Canvaswork with Iulitta Rowan. How to select a project, what types of canvas are available, as well as how to select the proper needle size, thread, frames, etc., and instruction in six basic stitches.
Class fee: $5
Maximum class size: 8
Bring: chair, scissors

Arachne's Web at Ettrick's Medieval Bookstore Demo of Bobbin Lace and Crochet 11 am - 3 pm Saturday
Potters Guild (Incipient) in the Guild's sunshade Hands-on & demos in hand building and pinching several different types of period pottery projects - various times on Saturday
Cookerie Guild Tasty treats and cooking resource table. Meeting TBA.
Brewers Guild Competition (see above), meeting time TBA, class - Beer tasting - time TBA & must be 21 to participate.
Moneyiers Pending confirmation
Pied d'Argent Table with information - Saturday

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