A&S Tournament Class Schedule

This is just a sample of the classes you could take part in. This is the schedule from 2006 - new class information will be posted here as it becomes available!

Brewing & Cooking
Fighting & Archery
more coming soon
Painting, dying & squishing
Page School
8:30 - 10:00 Beginning bardic - sing along and resources Medieval Uses of Bodily Fluids Furry hats, or are they?  Metalworking with Mark and Diane  - 3 hour class Introduction to Combat Archery, Authorizations and Marshaling Cut and Thrust Rapier 101 Drawn Work & Open Work Basics Hands in Mud 101: making pinched and coiled pots  Beginning Calligraphy Spinning Flax (3 hours) Chain maille basics for Pages
10:15-11:45 Japanese poetry jam 15th and 16th Century Ottoman Turkish Food  Thread covered button Almans and Brusles Introduction to Reticella/Punto In Aria  Hands on Viking Bronze Casting  Single Combat Archery Standards for 3 Western Kingdoms. Cut and Thrust Rapier 102 Beginning Blackwork "Spin, Weave and Burn" Illumination Techniques  Making a half gauntlet and basket hilt for Youth combat
2:15-3:45 The Body Devine Introduction to Couching Metal Thread  English Country Dance Fulling around in the afternoon Blacksmithing 101   Archery 101 - 3 hour class Rapier Armor Area Beading  Faking It - using fabric paint to
embellish textiles
Take Your Illumination To The Next Level!  Basic Spinning on a Drop Spindle (3 hours) Making swords and shields for boffer combat
4:00-5:30 How to prepare for entering Kingdom (or Principality) level competitions  Gruit medieval hop substitute  A Hands-On Introduction To Historical Embroidery  Dolce Amoroso Fuoco The Llangors Embroidery: A 10th c. Welsh technique Wax hardened leather  /and/ Introduction to Armored Combat Basics Cut and Thrust Rapier 103 Wool Applique with Gilded Leather  Heraldic Art Feastgear: Make your own period fork
8:30-10:00 Calcio -16th-c. Florentine soccer  Warping and Tabletweaving - how to weave and the theory of warping Make Your Own Bezants!  Rapier by request Period Painting Basic Plying on a Spinning Wheel (3 hours) Chess for beginners
10:15-11:45 Intro to Patterning Fire, Air, Water - Fiber and Fabric Identification Historical Knitting Workshop Rapier by request Fancy Edgings Basic Heraldry for Pages