This page is an effort to gather together information about the various artistic and scientific activities that are happening throughout the West Kingdom. If you, or your group, hosts a regularly scheduled event such as an Arts & Sciences Evening or a Once A Month Armour Making or other Session, please let the A&S Ministers know so that your activity can be listed here. Please be sure to include the information listed below.




 Local Branch


Middle Eastern Dance and Embroidery Wednesday Nights Golden Rivers Sacramento, CA Jaida al-Rakhshanda
Sewing Classes and Middle Eastern Dance Saturdays and Sundays  Golden Rivers  Sacramento, CA  Isabella McGregor 
Leather tooling and basic sewing Wednesday nights & some weekends  Golden Rivers  Sacramento, CA Lady Anastacia 
Metal weapon construction Saturdays and Sundays  Golden Rivers  Sacramento, CA  Grizz c/o Kaitlin Pyper
Jewelry making Thursday nights  Golden Rivers  Sacramento, CA Sir Stephen of Pembroke 
Middle Eastern Dance Tuesday nights  Alpensee Southshore Lake Tahoe, CA Vicountess Shadha Samira Ma'isha c/o Kaitlin Pyper
Middle Eastern Persona (garb making, pavilion making, dance belt making, and more dance classes)  Saturday Afternoons  Alpensee  Southshore Lake Tahoe, CA  Vicountess Shadha Samira Ma'isha c/o Kaitlin Pyper 
Blue Rose Morris & Sword ~ English morris dancing (traditional/ festival performance dancing) and English and European sword dancing Sundays, 10am to noon, during the practice season (September - March)  Barony of Darkwood, Canton of Caer Darth
Santa Cruz, CA Alys Beaupied
English and Italian Dance Practice Wednesday evenings, 7:30-9:00pm Shire of Crosston Menlo Park on 2nd, 4th Wednesdays, San Jose on 1st, 3rd, 5th Wednesdays Crystal of the Westermark
Medieval Food and Cookery Workshops Individually scheduled about every other month Barony of the Westermark Sunnyvale/San Jose, CA Crystal of the Westermark