Documentation Resources

Some of these links are from other Kingdoms and discuss what is required in other Kingdoms versus here in the West. They are presented and linked here to provide food for thought when preparing your documentation. Some contain examples of documentation and the choices made when preparing the paper.

Demystifying Documentation by Sabrina de le Bere

Documentation FAQ compiled by Sabrina de le Bere

Documentation by Mistress Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez

Charlemagne's Cheese: a study in the un/reliability of sources. By Mistress Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn [Published in TI Issue #139, Summer 2001]

Ruritanian Purple Feathers and Other Problems of Documentation. By Audelindis de Rheims and Caterina da Monticello, Not webbed, published in TI Issue # 77, Winter 1985.

How to Survive an A&S Competition Without Committing Suicide by Mistress Therasia von Tux

How To Write Documentation For SCA Competition by Lady Lêofsige Õ Caoimh

Judging in A&S Competitions: Methods and Criteria of Judging Documentation By Teleri Talgellawg

Documentation and Beyond: A Material Culture Approach By Teleri Talgellawg

Research is Fun!

Documentation is not an Obituary by Master Terafan Greydragon

Documentation: Or how do you prove it is real? By Remus Fletcher

Kingdom of Atlantia A&S Handbook, Chapter 3, Documentation, Documentation Outline, Writing Documentation

Documentation Standard by Lady Randall Vihar-Farkas

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