Pied d'Argent

About the Pied d'Argent:

The Pied d'Argent (The Silver Foot) is the West Kingdom's dance award. The group is composed of those who have won the competition in the past, and those who love to dance. The dance competitions happen at all Crown events, Beltane, Purgatorio and the A&S Tournament. Typically, someone will teach dances on Sunday morning, on the list field. One of the dances will be announced as the day's competition dance.

People who want to compete sign up, those who do not want to compete are welcome to dance. Previous winners of the Pied d'Argent are responsible for deciding on a new winner. Sometimes the dancers will have to dance the dance three or four times before a decision is made. The new winner is announced at morning court and given a token. There is no rank associated with this award.

How do I Win a Competition?

What separates the "winners" from the other very good dancers? There are many factors. While knowing the steps is good, the really good dancers are the ones who appear to be having fun and paying attention to their partners.

The Pied is often jokingly referred to as the "West Kingdom Flirtation Award". Once, a very difficult decision was made for a woman who changed her style of dance when she was dancing the man's part. Dancing on the beat of the music helps too. Sometimes a dancer is viewed more favorably when they alter their style to match their partners. Similarly, a dancer who helps and improves their partner's dancing is also viewed favorably. Matching style of the dance also helps, stately dances can be performed soberly, but flirtatiously. All or a few of these criteria can be used by the members of the Pied d'Argent for determining contest winners.

Further Information:

For more information about the Pied d'Argent please contact the guild officers.

For a list of upcoming Pied d'Argent competitions, please see http://arts-sciences.westkingdom.org/schedule.html

For a list of prior winners of the Pied d'Argent, please see http://heralds.westkingdom.org/Awards/pied.htm