Arts and Sciences Tourney

July 30-31 & Aug. 1, 2004

Fort Ord Travel Camp

Theme: Day In the Life of a Village
or Manor House

This year the Arts and Science Tournament is being held at the Fort Ord Travel Camp. The theme is Day In the Life of a Village or Manor House. We have tried to schedule classes for recent entrants into our group and "oldtimers" alike. We are trying somethings a bit different this time with demos, a play, and special competitions in addition to the variety of classes to try to evoke a wider experience. We hope you will come and enjoy!

Tentative List and Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Events - the timetable for events happenings - we have so much happening that we will do our best to keep to this schedule so as to enable everyone to have the widest opportunity to participate.

Special Events Listing - including information on the Demonstrations and the Siege Cookoff

Arts and Science Competitions -- both as individual competitions or enter all 8 for the "8-Legged Race"

The winner of the 8-Legged Race will receive a prize suitable for sharing.

Site Directions.

Site Information:

Site opens at 12 noon on Friday and closes at 3 pm on Sunday. The site may not have any water so prepare accordingly. This site permits horses and Equestrian activities have been planned. Merchants are invited. Please contact the Merchants Coordinator if you have questions.

Site Fee: $7 members, $10 non-members, children under 10 - discount $3